Computer Vision Festival

Bridge the gap between state-of-the-art research and value-driving industry application.

August 23, 2023
πŸ“Ί Virtual

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 πŸ€ Breakdown engineering & product roadblocks with the help of 8+ industry-leading speakers
 πŸ§  Survey the end-user ecosystem & push the boundaries of industry innovation
🎀 Uncover affordable full-stack solutions to maximise ROI

With sessions from companies including

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Welcome to the summit

August 23, 2023, 03:25 PM

Tim Mitchell
How to use language models with computer vision

August 23, 2023, 07:30 PM

Sumedh Datar
Learning policies for neural network architecture optimization using reinforcement learning

August 23, 2023, 06:30 PM

Raghav Vadhera
The eyes of ag - applications of computer vision for precise plant monitoring

August 23, 2023, 04:30 PM

Valeria Kogan

Discover the applications powering business value.

Join for an insight-packed day of high-level strategic and technical use cases, and leave with the understanding you need to accelerate the delivery of your systems to production.

Uncover how computer vision can inspire product innovations, facilitate real-time response, improve customer engagement & reduce costs.


What can you expect?

πŸš€ Breakdown roadblocks in compute, data & rollout, as you create faster, more accurate computer vision tools

πŸš€ Discover the solutions you need to accelerate your vision systems through research into production

πŸš€ Streamline customization for faster innovation

πŸš€ Bridge the gap between your engineers, business leaders and domain experts

πŸš€ Power revenue growth with actionable advice on reducing time-to-value

And more...


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🀝 1000+ attendees
πŸŽ™ 40% senior leadership
🌎 25+ countries represented

Computer Vision Festival is the ideal platform to promote your brand and engage with our global community of architects, engineers & scientists.

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